Wednesday, 13 April 2011

HEC in Pakistan

Education always play a vital role in the progress of any nation. And everyone know that without education no one can sustain in this modern era.
Govt. of Pakistan is going to dissolve the HEC (Higher Education Commission)  which is the only monitoring body of higher education in Pakistan. no body can imagine what results it will produce on Pakistan. The standard of education which is already very low in Pakistan will just reach to the see level. The value of the degrees in foreign countries will be demolished. Everyone will get the degree but it will contain no value.
it will produces horrible results for the country
As quality of education will come down due to which competent persons will not come into the organizations which will results the down fall in many industries and when industrial sector will have to face down fall then nothing will remain in this country. our enemies are cutting our country's roots and we are still silent we should raise voice against it, everyone should raise voice against it.
Pakistani's is already facing a lot of problems like shortage of food, water, electricity, gas, petroleum, and the next thing would be the manpower specially intellectual.
i have just try to draw a future picture in front of you but the results could be more horrible then this.....

herry from lahore

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